The P.A. (Actors’ Cut)

A film that I worked on last year, edited to show more of the actors’ performances. I cut both versions, did the VFX and grading, as well as composing the incidental score and providing the final sound mix. Gangsters galore…!

The PA (Actors' Cut) from Chris Nelthorpe on Vimeo.

Creative Commons Licence
The PA (Actors’ Cut) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Tutorials being (sporadically!) added

I’ve decided to post up some tutorials on a dedicated page! The uploads are initially a couple of years old, and are going to be sporadic at best, plus they’re PDFs (I’m not keen on making my own video tutorials – well, at least not until I can afford those elocution lessons), but hopefully there’s some useful information here. The first is on how to fake 3D text and objects in After Effects if you don’t have CS6/CC or are on a machine without a supported GPU. Have a look below…

After Effects Fake 3D – Version 2 from Chris Nelthorpe on Vimeo.

Tiki… Studios…?

So, I’ve had something of a big idea. A mad idea, perhaps. It involves turning Tiki Films into Tiki Studios, and while I’m going to keep the specifics under wraps (mainly because I haven’t actually figured them all out yet) it would involve a significant upgrade to the site… that, and a hell of a lot of hard work. But then again, I’m sure it can be done; Andrew Kramer’s done it with his Video Copilot website. I suppose the main part is not getting sidetracked or bored. Or going to the pub. Too much.

Anyway, emails have gone out today and brainstorming has happened on lots of bits of paper, so it feels as if the next phase has begun. Bring on Tiki… Studios?